After the unit was inspected and tested this is where the fault mode and root cause will be entered. Fault mode will be the fault the unit has, if there’s more than one you can select other and type in the Fault modes. The root cause will be the specific problem that has created the fault mode.
If the unit was under Guarantee but the unit has been abused and the customer need to pay for the repairs -please leave a comment and notify, the status can be changed in approval if need to, please email for assistance.

Decommission – If a unit will be decommissioned please attach the approved email or send an email to to state where the client gave permission to decommission the unit.

“Save” and “notify” – This will sent an email to to make sure if any service center needs advice / assistance and that it will be addressed as soon as possible. “Save” will only record extra information into the database.
Recommended Parts – Here you can select the parts needed to repair the unit, select the down arrow and the part you will need. You will need to click on “add part” before it will be added to your list. The quantities can now be changed, if a part needs to be removed just change the quantity to Zero and submit. And SMS will now be send to Xavant Servicing for faster approval times.