Uploading Calibration Certificates and
Error Messages for Calibration Certificates

Calibration Certificates on test equipment used in servicing and production is a regulatory requirement. We have built in a new feature into the software to be able to access the uploaded Calibration Certificates for the equipment used to do testing of the units. This feature was added after a request from a client to supply the Calibration Certificates of the equipment used to test their unit.

The Calibration should be done by a Company with an ISO/IEC 17025 certification.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to book out a unit in the servicing software if the Calibration Certificates have not been uploaded into the software or has expired. A user with Admin rights will be able to upload this into the software.

Log into the servicing software and go to settings, select Calibration Certificates, if this setting is not available please contact servicing@xavant.com to update your role to Admin to be able to upload the Certificates.

Enter the name of the Equipment and serial number (Please use the model number of the equipment) and enter the expiry date. Click on browse and select the calibration certificate and click on Open to upload the file to the Database.

After it has been uploaded you will be able to see the Certificate in the list with the expiry date.

When you reached the book out stage in the software, you will see a new field where the calibration certificate must be selected with the expiry date. The equipment that was used to test the unit must be selected here. If the certificate has expired it will no longer be in the list.

For more information on uploading the certificates, click on the question mark next to the selection field of the calibration certificates. If you have any problems please contact servicing@xavant.com.

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