Servicing Procedures

RMA Form and Approval
Receiving unit and decontamination
Booking in the unit into the Xavant Servicing Software
Usage of software
Customer Compliant
Guarantee Periods, Status and Procedures
Engineering report and Test Record



Xavant Servicing Software

Introduction and Flow Diagram of Program
Register, Change details and Password change
Book in
Customer complaint
Engineering report
Accepted Parts
Quote Submitted
Quote Feedback
Book out
Advance usages for System Administration
User test and sign of training record



Fault Modes

Stimpod doesn’t switch on
Stimpod toggles between on and off
LCD display not working
LCD back-light not working
Stimpod shows “insert cable”
Stimpod shows “Open Circuit”
Stimpod shows x3 triangles and shut down



Service Manual

Warning cautions and safety
Care and maintenance
Company policy
STIMPOD 400 series Service Manual Structure and Contents
Product selection, features and sales package
Exploded View of Stimpod Assembly
Service Tools
Standard ordering spare parts
Programming the NMS4xx series
General Fault Finding
Documentation Involved in Servicing
Setting up the Test Equipment with the UUT
PCB Versions vs. Firmware Versions



Test Record 410
Test Record 450
Test Record 450X
Test Record 460
NMS4x0X Version 10 upgrade
Drivers for Download Cable
Drivers for Data Cable