Complete NMT Monitoring for Any Patient, Any Setting

Full Case NMT Monitoring enables safe extubation and eliminate residual paralysis in any hospital setting, provider preference and surgery type.

Seamlessly integrate neuromuscular transmission data with anaesthesia monitors and EMR systems.


Complete NMT Monitoring with Customizing Cost of Care

Save on your capital expenditure in the OR, PACU and ICU.

The only neuromuscular monitoring system available with both AMG and EMG enabling cost control at the point-of-care based on need and specific setting, allowing affordable standardisation across the entire hospital.

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Designed For Rapid Patient Setup And Immediate Clinical Use

Choose either AMG or EMG modality at point-of-care for quick patient setup, providing 1st results in under a minute.

Full location versatility offers portable in-hand for bedside in the PACU or ICU and mountable options for complete OR intra-operative use.

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The Most Cost-Effective TOF Monitoring System Available

The reusable AMG sensor is the most economical TOF monitor technology available.

Combining AMG with the single-use EMG electrode allows for an optimized Cost of Care model, enabling monitoring of all drug usage to ensure optimal use, thus saving on both paralytic and recovery agents.

AMG-&-EMG-Sensors 900x539

AMG or EMG in one powerful system

AMG offers the most cost-effective option to implement with a reusable sensor and versatile patient setup options enabling neuromuscular transmission monitoring of the hand, toe or face.

EMG is ideally suited for neuromuscular monitoring of surgeries where tucked hands and arms are required, with optimised performance through a patented, skin-like electrode.

AMG-&-EMG-Sensors 900x539

100% of Hospital Settings, Provider Preferences, Surgery Types

Simple to use, versatile for providers, and the most cost-effective way for standardizing neuromuscular monitoring across the hospital.

EMG on arm - grey - 1600x1000px
EMG on arm - grey - 1600x1000px

Thin Ultra-flexible

EMG Electrode

The patented ripple design allows the electrode to fit on either the left or right hand and accommodate any hand size.

The soft, dermatoid material allows for maximum adhesion during long surgeries with multiple patient movements for uninterrupted NMBA monitoring.

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A neuromuscular monitor that excels in the ICU

An intuitive and simple to use TOF monitoring system, specifically customizable for ICU clinician focus and use.

With electrode placement verification, limited staff training is required to achieve rapid setup and use at the ICU bedside. Using off-the-shelf electrodes provides unbeatable cost to value ratio for the ICU.

Hand Hold Stimpod Front 1000x675
Robotic Surgery 1000x700

The perfect partner for robotic surgery

The EMG functionality allows for neuromuscular monitoring during any patient position.

Overcome intra-operative patient inaccessibility concerns with the specialised electrode designed for long-lasting adhesion to the patient and continuous closed-circuit confirmation.

Train and certify personnel remotely with the Xavant University

The Xavant University is a dedicated online resource to train and certify personnel to use the Stimpod NMS450X in any setting. The courses also cover the theory behind neuromuscular blocking and reversal agents.

The NMT Monitoring Difference: An Emphasis on Patient Safety

Research-based evidence for neuromuscular monitoring shows the impact on patient safety and hospital budgets.

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OneTouch NMT

Full case monitoring that performs setup verification for effortless depth of block monitoring. Auto adjusts stimulation intervals based on patients’ depth of block.

Stimulation Modes

Train-of-four (TOF), Post Tetanic Count (PTC), Full case monitoring (Auto), SupraMaximal Current (SMC), Double Burst (DB), Twitch (TWI) and Tetanus (TET)

Sensor Duality

Auto-detects both AMG and EMG sensor technology.

Nerve Mapping and Locating

Combined mapping and location functionality to perform peripheral nerve blocks.

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