About Xavant Technology

We are leading suppliers of quantitative NMT and TOF monitors for use during general anesthesia, Peripheral Nerve Stimulators with nerve mapping and locating for regional anesthesia, and Pulsed Radiofrequency treatment devices for chronic pain management and neuropathy.


Xavant Technology is a knowledge-based company with core competencies in Neuromuscular Stimulation, Neuromodulation and Accelerometry.

Xavant Technology gains its competitive advantage by introducing disruptive technologies to high-growth Niche Markets with high entry barriers and little rivalry.

As a knowledge based company, Xavant’s biggest asset lies in its specialised R&D team consisting of a dedicated team of medical and electronic engineers working closely with medical consultants to find innovative product solutions for the latest medical techniques. 


Our strategic vision is to contribute towards a vibrant, healthy an compassionate world.

Mission Statement

Creating electromagnetic cures that target the biological root cause of diseased states increasing treatment efficacy whilst eliminating side effects.

Company Info

Founded: 1995

CEO: Corlius Birkill, MBA, B.Eng(Hons)

Chairman: Roche van Rensburg, M.Eng

Medical Director: Dr. R Raath, MMChB, MMed (Anaes), (Pret.) FIPP (WIP)