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Pulsed Radio Frequency Workshop on 25 July 2015

News dated: 14 July, 2015

The STIMPOD NMS 460 was recently developed to administer a non-interventional pulsed radio frequency (PRF).  The use of this electrical current has proven itself over the past six years to be an effective form of treatment for reducing neuropathic pain and improving conduction in minimal nerve injuries such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Bell’s Palsy.

The results of using a non-interventional pulsed radio frequency as a treatment modality has been published in a number of recent international journals and presented at various pain conferences.

The following will be covered in the workshop:

•         Differences between PRF and other electrical currents
•         Current research and case histories on the use of PRF
•         Principles of treatment with PRF
•         Guide to the treatment of pain and impaired nerve conduction
•         Contra-indications of PRF
•         Demonstration

Presenter: Phyllis Berger
Date: 25 July 2015

The Penthouse Suite

Morningside Mediclinic




Registration 8.30am - 9.30am

Workshop 9.00am - 12.00pm

CEU 3 level - 1 point

Members R100.00

Non-members R150.00

Physiotherapists need to avail themselves of this treatment for many different reasons:
To be able to map or identity the nerve supply involved in a painful condition from any aetilogy,
Once identified- this high frequency combination current of DC, TENS and magnetic field is used to block pain from periphery to pain gate,
It has the dual function of stimulating nerve conduction to improve nerve activity from neuropraxia and other aetilogies with apparent effects on gene expression.

Refreshments will be served compliments of Xavant Technology


Contact Jan Janse van Rensburg from the South African Society of Physiotherapy for further information on either 011 615 3170 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Please confirm your registration before 21 July 2015.


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About Phyllis Berger

Phyllis Berger is a physiotherapist and acupuncturist with a special interest in electrical currents in relation to the treatment of pain.  She is currently the chairperson of the SASP Acupuncture Group. Phyllis has attended many international pain conferences, lectured on the topic of pain management both nationally and internationally and published a number of articles and four books on pain management. Phyllis continues to evaluate advances in electrical pain management and is presently involved in research on this subject in her Pain Management Practice situated in Johannesburg.

About Xavant

Xavant Technology (Pty) Ltd is a leading supplier of nerve stimulators for regional and general anesthesia applications. The current Stimpod range has 3 models - the NMS410, NMS450 and NMS460. The STIMPOD NMS460 is a neuromodulation device used for symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain, implimenting a unique patented Pulsed Radio Frequency waveform for the treatment of neuropathies. The STIMPOD NMS410 model is a specialized nerve locating device, with its unique nerve mapping and locating cable, used primarily during Regional Anesthesia procedures. The STIMPOD NMS450 adds the option to monitor neuromuscular blocking agents with its advanced three-dimensional accelerometer.

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